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Square One SQ1 Circular Packaging Solutions Nikki Withington

The first step in
circular packaging solutions.

Strategic direction

Assessment of materials and designs to reduce environmental, social and cost impacts.  Rethinking products to eliminate unnecessary and problematic packaging.

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End-to-end Development

Coordination of new packaging creation from concept to commercialisation.  Working with all necessary stakeholders of the value chain.


Exploration to ensure materials to stay in circulation longer. Establishment of new pathways of collection and reprocessing of materials into viable end markets.

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Industry guidance

Motivating member organisations and brands to do better with their packaging by providing insights, strategic plans and resources.

Nikki Withington is a consultant with 20yrs

of multidisciplinary packaging experience in:


  • sustainable product development and innovation,

  • food and packaging manufacturing, an

  • envronmental roles within industry organisations.


During the last decade Nikki has been consulting to brands to assist with their packaging, from start-ups to multinational FMCG businesses, and low commodity through to luxury good products.



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Nikki is passionate about turning the tap down of material consumption, increasing the value and extending the lifespan of the materials we do need.

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